Focus Group Management Software

    How an idea becomes an efficient software solution for market research when working together

    With excellent industry know-how and a professional and sctructured method, run-e involves users at an early state of the development process.

    This is what results in innovations.

    Markus Meeth

    Quovadis field&tab
    From MR, with MR, for MR –

    Software should be developed this way always!

    Guido Lorch

    ipi Institute


    Luckily times have changed for users

    15 years ago business analysts analysing requirements believed to know what users wanted. A system specification sheet was created and processed with the most accuracy until a final result could be presented. This often resulted in a software as described in the specification sheet but also a tool which was not what users really wanted and needed.

    Nowadays users are involved in the development process from scratch

    Since 2001 run-e develops software for market research companies in a professional manner. As early as 2006 we implemented Scrum as an agile approach. How we use this method in the development of an efficient software for managing viewing facilities and focus groups is shown in the following video documentary.




    to be continued…

    Efficient software for managing viewing facilities and focus groups

    As users want it to be

    quick access to availabilities (room bookings), complete project documentation (including costs), seamless collaboration (locationwide and beyond)

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