CATI Fieldwork Management Software

    MR Orga Suite increased our interviewers efficiency and has given us the control and confidence to increase our interviewers hourly rates, whilst maintaining our profit margin.

    Matthew Coulling

    DJS Research


    Besides the standard company tasks, in CATI centres many people need to be managed everyday to keep it running. Much personal dedication is put into it. The areas of highest attention and workload are interviewers working time collection, payroll processing and shift allocation. Thus, often other important tasks as eg. quality monitoring will lose attention which affects the customer satisfaction.



    Analysing and redefining workflows lead to higher staff efficiency. Further improvements are realized by putting standardized processes in place. These are a based on best practices around the globe.



    The implementation of a guiding and supporting software tool supporting the important daily management tasks, saves time and money in the company.


    With MR Orga Suite run-e offers the perfect fieldwork management tool for the efficient planning, management and control of marketing research firms. This especially on the demands of the marketing research tailored software solution allows e.g. the interviewers management, live monitoring and benchmarking, the quality assurance and the workforce planning. The tool makes an important contribution to the cost-effective and profitable operation of your market research company, also because of the controlling features of all relevant studio processes in real-time.

    In marketing research companies (quantitative and qualitative) all generated information flow together – this is the source for generating your profit. Therefore MR Orga Suite offers you all necessary management instruments, for example for the phone center management, the recording and display of related information depending on interviewers as well as for the exact accounting, project cost analysis and agent performance analysis and the continuous representation of the project progress. With the help of these features you are able to retrieve every aspect, every emotion in the studio in a contemporary way – and know so what happens.

    In the result you optimise all your administrative and operational processes with only one solution. You save your expenses and your time by less administration, focus yourselves more on the training and guidance of your interviewers and raise the quality of your research center with MR Orga Suiteperceptibly. You always keep the full control about your projects, the staff utilization and the current operating expenses.

    By the innovative expansion module this All-in-One-Solution allows acomprehensive quality assurance in your company. The quality assurance software extends the employees master data of the MR Orga Suite by standardized quality features and analysis options. The scaled assessment criterias deposited in the software system are orientated by the norms and high-class ISO standards and can be extended by additional freely determinable parameters at any time individually – according to the requirements of the respective company. This action allows an objective interviewers monitoring and with it the application of specific staff coachings and training measures.


    Easy shift and work time collection

    (inhouse and remote)

    Real time commercial project controlling

    One click interviewers payroll processing

    (casual and contracted)

    Web and Mobile enabled shift planning

    ISO standardised quality monitoring

    Real time interviewers controlling

    (predefined and individual performance reports)

    Smoothly connects to major survey tools

    Askia askiavoice / askiafaceaskia

    Gess CATI

    SPSS DimensionsIBM Data Collection / UNICOM Intelligence

    Ingress keyingressingress

    IfaD CISnet

    Nebu Dub InterViewernebu

    Nebu CAPI (planned)

    Sawtooth WinCati

    SPSS Quancept CATI

    Voxco VCC / Interviewer SQL / Command CenterVoxco Logo

    Voxco CAPI (planned)

    Survox Phone (planned)

    Confirmit Horizons (in development)

    Nipo Fieldwork / CAPI (planned)

    SPSS Surveycraft (on request)

    Other (on request)

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