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Selling viewing facilities

An efficient sales process for viewing facilities (focus groups) has been analyzed as a major user requirement for the new run-e software. It aims to an optimal management of qualitative focus facilities.

Usually, qualitative market research is based on ad-hoc project work. In particular this applies to viewing facilities (focus groups). Potential clients enquire with tons of phone calls looking for a facility for their group discussions, expert interviews or product tests on a daily basis. Often these enquiries are for the same day and focus room, which therefore is an expensive resource on shortage.

When questioning owners and managers of leading European viewing facilities (focus groups) almost all miss a simple overview of their facility availabilites, options and bookings when selling and utalizing their viewing facilities. This is especially the case when managing multiple focus rooms or locations. Most worthy it leads to an tremendous additional time effort. Consequently, sales departments and companies run into huge problems because jobs are often subcontracted and thus need to be calculated and marged twice. Furthermore, a single job is enquired at lots of different viewing facilities (focus groups). However, it results in a booking for only one market research agency which often is the fastests responding having quoted competitively. Most of all, empty focus rooms and increasing running costs in inner-city areas lead continously to a market shakeout.

How to overview all availabilities, hustle quotations along and increase the chance for the job?

Unübersichtlich: Raum-Verfügbarkeiten im Teststudio in Excel

Confusing: focus room availabilities when utilizing and selling viewing facilities

Many viewing facilities are managed with over scaled Excel sheets or owner developed Access applications. Seems like someone was trying to oversee available rooms and jobs at the same time. Maybe a working solution if you run a single room.

However, as soon as multiple focus rooms or locations need to be managed, these tools just create another costly building site. Furthermore, it needs to be maintained and supported. And due to a lack of multi user capabilities it can hardly used by more than one staff at the same time.

Finally, relief can be found in a software accessible on every device, even on the go. It should encourage staff to collaborate. Project and room resources should be managed separately but still being linked as much as neccessary for easy access. In addition, utilizing and selling viewing facilities can be more efficient by choosing an innovative user friendly screen design by separating availabilities from options and bookings.

In the end this results in quicker response times and enquiries can simply be answered immediately on the phone for better utilization.

How run-e implements an efficient software screen design and helps increasing utilization when selling viewing facilities, can be seen in the video documentary.

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