Time Savings

We reduce redundant work processes as well as automate repetitive ones by standardising work flows

Cost Reductions

We implement customizable standard software solutions and thus achieve high staff efficiency

More Profit

We deliver important project figures supporting real time job controlling and loss avoidance

Increased Flexibility

We analyse custom requirements and develop perfect fitting solutions using agile methods

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With MR Orga Suite run-e offers the perfect fieldwork management tool for the efficient planning, management and control of marketing research (cati/telephone) data collection companies.


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Are you interested in optimizing the management effort and increasing transparency in running test facilities and focus groups?

We support in all project phases by analysing perfect fitting technologies for your needs and environment. Thus, we clear up your processes and workflows to optimise these.

Together we analyse your real needs and design a perfect fitting customized solution, which then is developed using agile methods.

Our Clients and Partners (Extract)

MR Orga Suite increased our interviewers efficiency and has given us the control and confidence to increase our interviewers hourly rates, whilst maintaining our profit margin.

Matthew Coulling

DJS Research

MR Orga Suite is an excellent solution for interviewer and quality management.

Heiner Junker

Produkt + Markt

Command Center and MR Orga Suite together is an unbeatable package.

Bernd Walz


MR Orga Suite adds the technology to fully support our CATI clients and their operations.

Yaron Brenman


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